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Current planning

I’m much closer to retirement now (263 days) and my plans have changed several times since my last blog post, but they are firming up. I purchased a 2019 Ford Transit 250 mid-height cargo van with the 3.2L Turbo Diesel (for the increased torque and better fuel economy). I’ve had it about a month and have put on about 800 miles. Fuel economy is approximately 19.5 mpg. Not bad considering the weight. I got the HD towing option and the heavy duty alternator, but not many other high-end options. Figured I won’t need them. I did splurge though on an extended warrantee (100K miles/72 months bumper to bumper) and a service contract (100k miles and 72 months). This will save me the periodic maintenance costs and offer some peace of mind knowing everything is under warrantee for several years.

My soon to be new home

My soon-to-be new home

Aft looking forward

Aft looking forward

Inside looking aft

Inside looking aft

I still plan on doing a lot of riding, but will haul the motorcycle in an enclosed trailer and ride mostly at my destinations. Over the next several months I plan build it out as a camper van. Nothing high tech, just enough to sleep in and camp out of.

Why a van? While motorcycle camping with a tent is cool, from time to time, over the long haul, it really is not sustainable, IMO. And, depending on where I camp, having steel around me offers some extra safety (against wild critters, both four and two legged) and the ability to leave the area quickly. Another factor is that, given the van I purchased, the option to stealth camp just about anywhere is appealing. Finally, a van / trailer combination means I can have more stuff than if a motorcycle was my only transportation.

As things progress, I will post more info and photos.

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