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Travel Plans…

As mentioned before, I’m preparing to live on the road for part of my retirement years. At least until I decide to settle down to a fixed location or my body tells me it can’t take it any more. I’m hoping the former option prevails. We’ll see… and I will probably write about it here.

I have family on both coasts and friends in many other diverse locations. This means there are plenty of places to go and people to see. The open question though, is the path to get there. I have some favorite places, like the Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone, Black Hills, and the Great Smoky Mountains. They will certainly be on my path. Living in South Carolina for the past several years, I’m reminded yearly that riding motorcycles in cooler temperatures (60-80 degrees), with moderate humidity, is much preferred. Summers in SC can be brutal at times.

A few years back I stumbled on an article about a meteorologist’s effort to map a path around the US throughout a year where the temps are always 70 degrees. You can find the article here. It just so happens that this path passes close to many of my favorite places, family, and friends. How awesome is that?! I do believe I have found my initial retirement travel plans. 🙂

Where it is always 70 degrees

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