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Change is constant…

Robert Burns was right, “the best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry”. “Awry” is a bit too negative in my case though. The plan was to retire April 2020, relocate to Texas, and then travel from there. Retirement will be soon… just not as soon as originally planned, but travel will start even sooner.

My father lives a long way from me now and has medical issues. When my mom passed away last year I promised to help him after I retire. The critical thing is the freedom to be near my dad. My employer used to have a liberal telecommute policy. I telecommuted full time for 8 years and absolutely loved the commute (8 steps from bedroom to office). Things changed and the East Coast is now my home. Telecommuting 100% is still possible, but special circumstances apply. Turns out I have a valuable skill set and an arrangement was made to delay retirement while some tasks are completed and people trained. The short term plan is obsolescence. Information Technology (IT) can be performed from any location with an Internet connection. Starting in April 2020 the East Coast will be in my rear view mirror and retirement will follow 6 to 12 months later (depends on my level of obsolescence).

I have decided to delay building out the van until I am with my dad. He’s got lots of old fashioned know-how… and a lot more tools that I have. Looking forward to working a project with him.

More to follow… when? Who knows 🙂

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