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This is getting repetitive…

Plans have changed again! This time the spur was COVID-19. No use in retiring right now if I am not free to move about the country. Many states have stay-at-home orders in place and their state offices are closed to walk-in traffic so that makes changing my residency more difficult. Another factor is that my company has offered a Voluntary Layoff (VLO) for eligible employees. We’ll see if I am eligible (I expect to be). In any case, I’ll be staying put until at least June 5th.

After considering the various mobile living options, the one that I’m getting more comfortable with is…

– Hauling my motorcycle inside my cargo van, along with anything I may want to take with me and…
– Buying a lightweight travel trailer. The Casita Freedom 17’ Standard is looking like it will meet my needs.

To manage the motorcycle inside the van, I bought an adjustable wheel chock, multiple tie-downs, and a tri-fold ATV ramp; the first two to keep the bike where I want it and the third to help to get it there. Now the question is; can I do it all myself?

The Casita trailer is around 2200 lbs so will tow easily with my van. Decided not to get the version with a toilet or shower. I value low maintenance in everything so why haul around extra shit? I still remember the stories my father in law told me about the time he rented an RV and took the grandkids on a road trip. Who knew the grandkids could manage to fill up AND clog up the black water tank. By the end of the trip, any mention of the need to go caused him nervous ticks. Besides, if you fill it, you MUST dump it. Sanitation needs will be met with a Luggable Loo, Doodie Bags, and kitty litter. My Planet Fitness membership allows me to shower in any of their 1800+ facilities so that is covered. When I’m boondocking, there are wet wipes and the trailer’s outdoor shower.

Of course, this has all been a thought experiment up to now. The more I think about all this, the more excited I get to actually implement my plan. June 5 cannot come soon enough. 🙂

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