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Things are starting to gel…

My company offered many of its employees an opportunity for a voluntary layoff (VLO) to help mitigate the bad economic situation caused by the COVID-19 related business shut downs, as well as some self inflicted hardships with one of our products. I took advantage of the offer and my VLO request was accepted this week. The severance package will allow me to purchase a travel trailer without going into debt. 🙂

After much research, my choice is a 2020 Casita Spirit 17’ Deluxe. I placed a deposit on one and will pick it up later this year. The Casita Spirit is comfortable for a couple that can travel light, and should be even better for just one person. I finally decided to get one with a wet bath in case such facilities are not available, but still plan to limit their usage to keep maintenance to a minimum. I’ll post photos after pick up.

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