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Fourth Day: Sedona AZ

If you have been to Sedona AZ you know how beautiful is it. If you have never been there, here are some photos and commentary to offer you a taste.

Sedona is about 140 miles from Apache Junction. Since I am hauling my motorcycle with me on this trip, not riding it to such a beautiful place just seemed wrong.

Isn’t she beautiful? The red sandstone cliff behind her is pretty cool too!

Even the non-vista pull-overs are worth a photo.

On the way to Sedona AZ
Another beautiful cliff. (almost all of Sedona is like this)
Parked at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. (another reason I rode the motorcycle; finding a parking space is so easy)
The view from the Chapel of the Holy Cross (left side, facing out)
The Chapel’s backyard. Anyway you look, there is something gorgeous.
The view from the Chapel (right side, looking out)

Here’s a closer look at the house below the Chapel. From what I could find online, it is owned by Ioan & Elena Cosmescu

The mansion below the chapel

Now for something different. Nature has many ways to say “Don’t Touch”. Some are rather blatant, like thorns on a cactus.

Don’t Touch!
Of course I touched it, very gently though. Now I know that even a gentle touch hurts. Those things are really pointy.

Can’t show you the awesome surrounding of the Chapel without also showing you the Chapel. Here it is…

And, as beautiful as the Chapel and land are, there are always the less picturesque things that intrude…

Even in nature, she calls

One last thing, masks are required to enter the Chapel, so I snapped this shot from the door.

Inside the Chapel from the door
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