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Livingston to Owassa AL, and idioms for idiots

Back on the road, finally. Left Livingston TX a day earlier that planned because I am eager to get on with my journey. Headed east of I10. Covered 541 miles and stopped for the night in Owassa Alabama. The RV park is about 1.5 miles off of I65. Set up camp and settled in for the night.

This leg of the trip was just to cover as much ground as possible so there was no stopping for sightseeing, but I did see something worth a photo. So you don’t have to look up the definition, an idiom is a term or phrase whose intent cannot be derived merely from the meaning of the word(s) used. You need to understand the context and who is talking. Some idioms are more regional than others; this is an example. I lived in South Carolina for about 7 years and while there learned a few things about southerners. One is that they are polite; they usually won’t come right out and call you an idiot. Instead, they will say it in a more “southern” way. If you do not understand the southern idioms, you will think they like you. Evidence?… This road sign.

Southern idiom for “idiot”

BTW, I had a least one blessed person today try to merge into my place in the lane while he was busy with his phone. I so wished I had a very loud horn in my van. Something like the horn on locomotives would do nicely. 😉


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