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Owassa to Charleston SC

526 miles, that’s how much driving is needed to get from Owassa AL to the KOA campground near Charleston SC. During the trip I needed to buy fuel. The mid-70’s, during the Arab Oil Embargo, was the last time I experienced fuel-anxiety, until today. The first three gas stations had posted signs saying they were out of gas/diesel. Finally found a station that did have the fuel I needed. Now that issue will be foremost on my mind until I leave the east coast. Lack of fuel was not a concern during the 2700+ miles I’ve driven so far this trip. First happened in South Carolina. My daughter warned me last month of problems finding stations that actually have fuel to sell. From news reports, the initial cause was the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. Given the degree to which computers are integrated into almost everything we do in the US it’s scary how easy it would be to cause hardship for much the general population. Maybe being a prepper is the prudent approach. That, and reducing dependance on computers and things they control could go a long way to shielding someone from the impact. The last part will be extremely hard for me to do. I love tech & computers and spent the last few decades making a living programming and supporting them. It will be interesting seeing where this all goes.

On a lighter note, driving across rural America offers exposure to the many cities and towns. Some of which have unusual/interesting names, to me at least. One such town is North, SC. I checked and there is no town named “South” in North Carolina. That’s a shame. They would make awesome sister cities.

Me: Where do you live? Them: North, South Carolina. Me: Yeah, but what city do you live in? Them: North South Carolina. Me: Okay, be that way!

Now I’m off to re-explore the city I lived in for 7 years.

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