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Epilogue: 8635, or thereabouts

The total (approximate) distance traveled was 8,635 miles. This includes the distances driven between stops as well as side trips to interesting places such as Sedona AZ, and the Olympic & Glacier National Parks. The miles covered were driven in 17 legs from campsite to campsite. Each leg averaged a fraction more than 448 miles for a total of about 7620 miles to get from Start to End to Start to End…

Trip started and ended in Redding CA. The green leg was #17 (last one)

What follows are some photos taken while enjoying my youngest daughter’s company.

Meghan waiting for our savory crepes near the ferry dock. Gotta have energy for the coming hike
Hurricane Ridge meadow. I looked for the von Trapp’s, but, alas, there was no sound of music. 😦
Portrait of a Fading Snowman
The ferry’s port side view looks ominous…
But the ferry’s starboard side view looks pretty cool!
Snow field with interesting melt patterns (saw no people down there so the pattern is most likely not caused by sledding.
Overlooking a valley on the way home. This area gets about 20 inches of rain/year while west of here gets 140-180 inches/year. Mountains greatly impact climate.
Olympic Marmot dining at the Meadow Buffet. I got within 4 feet of it and he/she was chill.

The drive to Redding was mostly to put miles behind me, but there were some scenic spots…

Mount Shasta

2 comments on “Epilogue: 8635, or thereabouts

  1. Shannon says:

    Very cool! Glad you are enjoying your first trip around the Us as a retiree!


    1. kataomr says:

      Thanks! Can’t wait to do it again.


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