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About kataomr

Hi, my name is Ken.  This blog is my way of thinking out loud.

Been thinking about a lot lately is what to do when I grow up (retire).  Over the years a few passions have developed; things worth going out of my way to do and enjoy.  Family;  Spending time with my children (4) and grandchildren (6, so far) is important.  Motorcycles; riding any where, any time, any distance.  Less than 500 miles a day is a short trip.  Travel and camping; love doing both.  The challenge is how to enjoy all of that together.

Retired on June 6, 2020.  This blog is for pondered family, motorcycles, travel, camping, and anything that comes up..

NOTE: Yes, the name of this blog is paraphrased from the book, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance“, by Robert Pirsig.  Robert wrote this book about the same time I got into motorcycling. Update 8/24/2020: I changed “Motorcycle” to “Mobile” to account for the fact that my retirement travel plans now includes a trailer, as well as a motorcycle.

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