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Before the beginning…

Thinking out loud…

Retirement is about 3.5 years away.  I’ll be 66 then.  For now, my health is good.  Being steadily employed since 1976 has built up the potential for a reasonably comfortable retirement.  Nothing extravagant, but it should work.  If things continue as they have there will be life after retirement.  How to use that life is the question?

I used to joke with my children that, in retirement, my plan is to spend time with Son #1, until he kicks me out.  After that, I will stay with Daughter #1 until she kicks me out.  Next in the lineup is Daughter #2 and then Son #2.  After the first lap, I’d return to Son #1, hoping he had forgotten what a pain I can be, and then repeat the cycle.  It was good for a few laughs (mostly mine) over the years.  As retirement approached, more serious consideration began.  I would not actually impose upon my children, but I could still live near them, for a time, enjoy their company, and then move on.  I would just need to be mobile.

A motorhome, and a trailer for my car and motorcycle, that’s the ticket!  I explored the options and considered the costs.  A decent motorhome, at least one I’d consider, costs about as much as a small house.  Maintenance, repairs, fuel, insurance, licensing, and parking are additional costs.  I went down that road, almost to the point of buying one, but decided to wait a bit.

While waiting, I started thinking about other ways of being mobile, but on a smaller budget.  Those other ways will be the subject of other blog posts… 

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