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Odd Thoughts

If you ask me to tell you a joke, I might be able to come up with one or two, not the 1000’s I’ve heard over the years. My brain works a different way. Something I see or hear reminds me of something else I’ve seen or heard. Sometime the remembrance is apropos to the moment and sometimes it goes in a humorous/other direction. That may be why I can usually come up with spontaneous puns; something spurs a thought and what comes out may be on point, or just a bad pun. Depends on who you ask whether it is wise or otherwise.

I’m at the Valley of Fires recreation area and have been exploring. The place is notable for the lava flows that occurred about 5000 years ago. Lots of volcanic rock that was once more viscous. While in that viscous form, the lava settled into a variety of shapes. Over time, the solidified rock cracked and sank.

What struck me while exploring is how different things can have the similar shapes and forms. This is due to multiple causes. Just two of them are; 1) they were designed or evolved to deal with common purposes or 2) they went through similar formative processes. Common design examples are horses, dogs, and dinner tables; all (most in the case of tables) have four legs. The design provides stability (balance) and in the case of horses and dogs, enables them to move with agility over the ground faster than us bipeds. It works for them. Common process examples include sand dunes/ripples and surface waves on water. Different materials, both caused by winds.

Sand ripples
Water waves

Which gets me back to the lava. Lava is extruded from holes/cracks in the earth’s crust. At first it is hot and viscous. As it cools, the viscosity increases and the surface forms ripples or folds. The inside however is still hot and mushy.

Lava, notice the ripples and folds
More Lava ripples and folds

Know what else looks like lava? Cow turds, meadow muffins, pasture pastries, …

Cow “pie” or poop in the grass.
Cow “pie” or poop in the grass.

Not unexpected. Both turds and lava are viscous masses that are extruded from holes and cool over time. Hence the similar shape and texture.

Parting thought…

A former co-worker told me once that she thought men’s humor does not evolve beyond the age of 12 where poop jokes are funny. I corrected her; men’s humor does develop beyond childish humor, we just never really lose our enjoyment of poop jokes.

And, that’s enough of the odd thoughts.

2 comments on “Odd Thoughts

  1. nathanstrutz says:

    Amazing. Thanks, Ken. I’ve been following eagerly, glad to see you’re having a good trip. Keep ’em coming 🙂


    1. Ken says:

      Thanks Nathan! I’m so glad someone is enjoying my posts! Hope all is well with you and the family.


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