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Trip to Texas and points east… it begins

Being a Texan means occasionally traveling to the state to take care of essential business such as registering vehicles. I also have other business to attend so this stay will be several days, at least. Once that is done, plan is to continue east to South Carolina, where I lived for several years. From SC, I’ll make my way to Virginia to see my daughter and her family. Word has it, the grandsons are excited to see me; maybe as excited as I am to see them. 🙂

The Peter, Paul, and Mary version of the song “Leaving on a Jet Plane” is bouncing around in the brain right now. Fun fact, the song was written my John Denver in 1966 with the original title being “Babe, I Hate to Go” (ref). Well, anyway…”All my bags are packed I’m ready to go…”. Tomorrow’s journey will be a short one to Fernley NV. While there, I plan to spend some time with my youngest son, Bryson. After that, the destination is Tonopah NV, followed by Pahrump NV. I was planning on spending a couple days in Apache Junction AZ, but as of today, the reason to tarry there is gone. Oh well, something else to do, while there, will pop up. Last time I was in Scottsdale AZ my final meal, before leaving on a jet plane, was at Banderas restaurant in the Old Town section. I hope the memory of their jalapeño cheesy cornbread matches the reality. We’ll see.

I’m liking the Ultimate Ramp system more and more (go here for more on that). Being able to load my BMW, into the van, by myself, is awesome! All of the essential equipment, tools, and provisions are packed around the bike. As the number of trips increase, I expect the quantity of packed items to decrease and for what remains to be optimally positioned for easy access. Getting this down to a science is the goal.

I will try to post frequent missives on the journey. Ciao!

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