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Riesel to Livingston

Left the RV park in Riesel at 7:45am and drove to Livingston TX. The 165 mile drive was shorter than the others. Got to the Escapees RV park and paid for 11 days, not knowing how long it will take me to complete the business I can to do. I’m in space #57, which has plenty of shade, at least in the afternoon. We’ll see how it is in the morning.

Panorama of Site #57

The reason’s I made this trip are to…

  • Register my van and motorcycle
  • Meet with my estate lawyer to sign several documents for when I shuffle off this mortal coil
  • Get some items fixed on my Casita trailer
  • See friends that live in the area

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was not sure if I could inspect and register the Casita at the same time as the van and motorcycle. My assumption was that the trailer would need a state mandated safety inspection as do the van and motorcycle. Turns out trailers under 7500LBS do NOT require a safety inspection. Well, that resolved one known unknown. The Casita weights less that 3000LBS. I can just send Texas some $$ when it is time to register the trailer. Turns out the other vehicle inspections and registrations were completed before 2pm today. Maybe Thursdays are not particularly busy in Livingston. No lines for the inspection or the registration. Looks like I will not need the whole 11 days, but I’m sticking around anyway to take in some other sites and to deal with the remaining tasks.

Till next time.

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