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Change is still a constant…

Well, the plan for me to delay retirement by several months, relocate to be closer to my Dad, and telecommute full time fell through. After first approving, my management then rescinded the approval. I am back to the original plan; retire in April 2020, become a Texan, and spend time with my Dad… and other family members. The reasons for my manager’s decision are not really important to me and it actually reduces the stress – less to worry about. Now there will be a clean break and I can enjoy the freedom without having to get up each day to go to work. I’m loving it!

I will establish Texas as my domicile. My mail will go there, vehicles will be registered, voting set up, and business relationships established. And, it turns out I have a friend that lives about 50 miles from where I will call home in Texas. We spent our childhoods together and then went our own ways after high school. I will get to reconnect with her after several decades. We have a lot to catch up on. 🙂

Before actually retiring, I have to use 45 days of saved up vacation… and, while taking that vacation, another 5 days will accrue. Getting full pay for 50 days (10 weeks) of not working will be so awesome! During my entire working life; about 45 years, I’ve never taken more that 2 weeks vacation at one time. I did once, but never again. There was just too much piled up work waiting for me.

This retirement thing will be one of the bigger changes in my life, right up there with marriage, having children, buying a house, and getting unmarried. I’m excited to start this journey!

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